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CHIIN V1: Lake --30% Off--

$62.99 USD $89.00 USD

25 cm / USBox
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CHIIN: Lake FRP black SUP fin

AREA: 288 cm2

The CHIIN fin is designed for single fin use in non weedy conditions with more surface area then the reg fins provided by SUP companies so you can remove the thrusters and glide easily on your lake. By removing the thrusters you will be able to make more strokes on one side without having to change sides so frequently.  A fin that will give you a much better ride on your lake. This SUP fin is a perfect fin for easy glide on any all water and all around SUP and gliding SUP. 

Louis (designer): "Ideal for ocean, lake or flat water conditions, this fin has been designed to get less drag as possible with a maximum straight line paddling. Specific foil used for the speed obtained with the SUP combined with a excellent outline to minimise the resistance along the run. Perfect to improve your ride or to convert your all-around board from a wave thruster setup to a lake setup."  

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