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  • NAI'A WEED: Shallow & Freemove
  • NAI'A WEED: Shallow & Freemove
  • WINDSURFING FINS , Makani Fins, NAI'A WEED: Shallow & Freemove - 3
  • NAI'A WEED: Shallow & Freemove
  • NAI'A WEED: Shallow & Freemove

NAI'A WEED: Shallow & Freemove

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NAI'A WEED: Freemove & Shallow windsurfing fin

AREA: 172-212-255-304 cm2

The MAKANI Nai'a is the crazy fin of our line! This unique shape makes it one of the first Freemove weed fin available to windsurfers worldwide! We gave our Freemove fin an elliptical shape to keep as much area closer to the board within the limits of the US box size. We also kept the profile as thin as possible so you can pop the board easily out of the water. You can now jump and go fast just like you would do with a regular fin! We now added a 15 cm for Freestylers and a 24 cm for Freeriders so everyone can have a NAIA in his quiver !

Louis (designer): "The NAIA is one of my first design within MakaniFins and I'm still very impress with its large versatility. It can be used in Freestyle, Wave, Freeride. Perfect in shallow water with the small size (span), the outline is a chubby convex convex profile that gives the possibility to create a fast foil with the stiffness needed. Having a NAIA in your quiver is a must !"

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